Electric Water Pumps

Powering millions of vehicles around the world.


Self-Lubricating Carbon Steel

Low-grade metals are extremely susceptible to premature wear and oxidation build-up, which can lead to excessive vibration, higher operational demands, and even premature failure.

GMB Electric Water Pumps include high-quality Self-Lubricating Carbon Steel across the majority of the internal components to prevent oxidation, provide smoother shaft rotation, lower operational noise and safeguard against premature failure.

Precision OEM Spec Housings and Harnesses

Inferior materials and manufacturing can quickly lead to out of spec tolerances that can cause fitment issues, poor connectivity, bearing failure, compromised flow rates, coolant leakage and overall unacceptable performance for drivers.

GMB Water Pump Housings & Harnesses are manufactured to meet stringent OEM standards and specifications. Each GMB Water Pump Housing & Harness is tested for 99.99% accuracy using state of the art technology, ensuring tolerance limits, superior reliability and an easy and accurate installation for mechanics and automotive manufacturers.

Premium Korean Laminates

Magnetic metals used in Electronic Water Pumps are now coming from countries that are flagged for inconsistent regulations and material quality control. When core materials are compromised, a wide range of problems can follow, such as cooling system issues and frequent product failures.

GMB uses only the highest-quality Korean grade laminates that maintain a consistent magnetism, ensuring each fuel pump efficiently supplies the correct amount of fuel. GMB materials and superior quality control ensures consistent flow rates, even under the highest of demands.

Preventative Maintenance

Here’s how to maximise your fuel pump performance and durability.

Preventative maintenance is key to maximising the performance and durability of any Electric Water Pump. Here’s a quick guide to Water Pump preventative maintenance:

  1. Always check the radiator and other cooling system fluid levels when performing scheduled oils changes
  2. Avoid using tap water in your cooling system as it lacks lubricating, anti-rust and cleaning properties. Tap water will accelerate the deterioration of the cooling system components
  3. Avoid off-brand or universal coolants as they tend to have a lower level of ethylene glycol concentration and higher levels of alkalinity, which can drastically reduce the lifespan of your water pump
  4. It is recommended to replace your water pump every 100,000km as a preventative maintenance item to ensure your engine’s cooling system is running efficiently.

OEM Supplier You Can Trust

Since 1943, GMB has been manufacturing precision Automotive parts that power millions of vehicles around the world.