GMB Fan Clutch

Powering millions of vehicles around the world

OE Quality Fan Clutches

For over 70 years, GMB has been recognised globally as a leading OE bearing manufacturer. With in-depth bearing manufacturing and product development expertise, GMB Fan Clutches boast superior quality and reliability. We also use high-quality carbon steel that is made to withstand high impacts, have high billet density, and have high deformation resistance.


Key Features

  • 100% Performance and Durability tested
  • Designed with OE manufacturing technology
  • Utilise a genuine GMB bearing
  • Include an enhanced fin design for maximum heat dissipation
  • Provide reduced fan noise and vibration during acceleration
  • Thermal (viscous), Non-Thermal and Electric Fan Clutch available
  • Standard, Heavy Duty, and Severe Duty versions available

OEM Supplier You Can Trust

Since 1943, GMB has been manufacturing precision Automotive parts that power millions of vehicles around the world.