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GMB Tensioner and Idler Bearings: The Key to a Smooth-Running Engine

When it comes to your engine’s timing belt or accessory belt system, the right components can make all the difference. That’s where GMB Tensioner and Idler Bearings come in. These bearings are designed to provide the necessary tension and alignment for your engine’s belts, preventing slippage, wear, and damage.

But what exactly are tensioner and idler bearings, and why are they so important? Tensioner bearings are responsible for maintaining the proper tension on your engine’s timing belt or accessory belt, ensuring that it doesn’t slip or jump teeth. Idler bearings, on the other hand, help guide the belt in the correct path, preventing it from rubbing against other components and causing unnecessary wear and tear.


Key Features

  • Uncompromising testing and QC for all bearing components
  • Triple-Lip seal and high-temperature resistant grease to ensure grease retention and prevent premature contamination
  • Built to withstand high-performance and harsh condition use

When it comes to engine performance, it’s important to trust the experts. GMB has been a leading manufacturer of automotive components for over 70 years, and our commitment to quality and innovation shows in every part we produce. From the base and bracket to the ball bearings and oil seal, every component of our tensioner and idler bearings is designed to work seamlessly together, providing the tension and alignment your engine needs to run smoothly.

So, if you’re a mechanic or workshop owner looking for reliable and high-quality tensioner and idler bearings for your customers’ vehicles, look no further than GMB. Our bearings are designed to keep your customers’ engines running smoothly and efficiently, providing peace of mind and reliable performance for years to come.

GMB Tensioner and Idler Bearings: Technical Overview

GMB offers a range of tensioner and idler bearings that are designed to provide precise and reliable performance for your engine’s timing belt or accessory belt system. These bearings are crucial components that maintain the proper tension and alignment of the belts, preventing them from slipping or jumping teeth, which can cause serious engine damage. Here’s a technical overview of the components that make up GMB’s tensioner and idler bearings:

  • Base: The base is the foundation of the bearing assembly, providing a stable mounting surface that supports the rest of the components.
  • Bracket: The bracket holds the bearing in place and allows it to pivot, which is necessary for maintaining proper belt tension.
  • Grease Seal: The grease seal keeps dirt and debris out of the bearing and prevents lubricating grease from escaping.
  • Retainer: The retainer holds the ball bearings in place, ensuring they stay properly aligned and spaced.
  • Ball: The ball bearings are the rolling elements that support the rotating pulley or tensioner arm.
  • Outer Ring: The outer ring is the stationary part of the bearing assembly that supports the bracket and provides a mounting surface for the pulley or tensioner arm.
  • Inner Ring: The inner ring is the rotating part of the bearing assembly that supports the pulley or tensioner arm and provides a surface for the ball bearings to roll against.
  • Oil Seal: The oil seal keeps engine oil from leaking out of the engine through the bearing assembly.
  • Pulley: The pulley is the component that the belt rides on and is typically driven by the crankshaft or engine accessory drive system.

All of these components work together to provide the proper tension and alignment for your engine’s timing belt or accessory belt system. GMB’s tensioner and idler bearings are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. They are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, ensuring a precise fit and proper function.

When it comes to your engine’s timing belt or accessory belt system, don’t settle for less than the best. Choose GMB for reliable, high-quality tensioner and idler bearings.

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