GMB Tensioner & Idler Bearing

Powering millions of vehicles around the world

OE Quality Components

GMB is a world-leading automotive parts manufacturer with over 70 years of experience producing parts for the major automotive brands, and are one of the Top 5 manufacturers in the world. Our parts are used by major manufacturers, mechanics and DIYers alike. That’s why we are excited to introduce the GMB Tensioner and Idler, available and made to ensure that the Asia Pacific and European markets get the right part, every time.


Key Features

  • Uncompromising testing and QC for all bearing components
  • Triple-Lip seal and high-temperature resistant grease to ensure grease retention and prevent premature contamination
  • Built to withstand high-performance and harsh condition use

OEM Supplier You Can Trust

Since 1943, GMB has been manufacturing precision Automotive parts that power millions of vehicles around the world.