GMB Wheel Bearings & Hubs

Powering millions of vehicles around the world

OE Quality Steel Bearings

GMB Bearings are made of ultra-high-strength GCR15 steel with a proprietary G-10 resin finish. With precise engineering, GMB bearings are made to endure extreme temperatures and high torque loads.

Non-treated steel bearings show signs of scoring after only a few thousand kilometres of testing, whereas GMB treated steel bearings lasted over 100,000 kilometres of simulated testing without wear.

Roll Formed High-Grade Steel Hub

GMB Hub Assemblies are made to the highest quality levels and from a single piece of machined roll-formed high-grade steel. The GMB manufacturing process ensures structural integrity by eliminating the need for creating weak points like welds within the hub assembly. GMB hub assemblies provide remarkable durability, performance and reliability.

Specially Formulated Bearing Grease

Without grease, even the best bearings in the world would quickly fail. It’s essential to use high-quality grease that should be engineered to outlast the life of the bearing.

GMB Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies all contain a specially formulated bearing grease that provides superior lubrication, improved thermal dissipation, excellent water wash-out resistance and helps to better lock in the lubricants that keep your bearings operating at peak performance.

Triple & Quadruple Lip Sealing

GMB Hub Bearing Assemblies leverage a triple and quadruple lip sealing design with a high-temperature resistant rubber. This GMB technology helps achieve maximum bearing protection against Australian conditions such as dust, sand, water and road debris.

This is important as extended exposure to foreign contaminants can quickly begin breaking down the bearing grease’s lubricating properties, develop rust, or seize the bearing all together.

OEM Spec ABS Sensors

ABS Sensors measure wheel speed and then transmit this crucial data to the Engine Control Module (ECM) to assist the anti-lock braking system. ABS sensors must be manufactured to the most stringent standards for vehicle safety.

ABS sensors used with GMB Wheel Hub Assemblies are manufactured with 99.9% pure copper wiring for exceptional electrical conductivity and performance. Our sensors are rigorously tested using the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure all GMB sensors meet or exceed OE specifications while reducing electromagnetic radiation across the entire vehicle.

OEM Supplier You Can Trust

Since 1943, GMB has been manufacturing precision Automotive parts that power millions of vehicles around the world.